Laboratory Analyses

The NWT Laboratory offers an analytical scope applicable to the power industry and beyond. NWT has a radioactive license and can receive radioactive materials. NWT has developed proprietary techniques to determine items such as resin leakage for condensate polishers and cations in a high boric acid matrix. The laboratory has been instrumental in determining reduced nitrogen and sulfur compounds in locations such as closed cooling water and reactors.

The laboratory has also been employed to help determine the source of contaminants in power plants. From that work, a greater understanding of rubber, lead and chemical inhibitors has been achieved. The NWT laboratory has also developed expertise for the evaluation of paint according to ASTM procedures.

NWT also routinely analyzes cations and anions in the steam cycle at sub-ppb levels to percent concentration levels. Results of these analyses can be used to determine hideout return, condensate polisher efficiency and condenser leakage.

Metals analysis for corrosion product transport, titanium transport and sludge evaluation is another sector of NWT's laboratory capability. NWT has the capability and know-how to effectively produce meaningful metals results.

NWT employs a wide range of procedures to evaluate ion exchange resin for those clients that need assistance with condensate polisher evaluations. Additionally, NWT has extensive experience as a neutral laboratory to determine if manufactured resin meets purchasing requirements.

For more specific analytical needs, please see the Analytical Details Page.