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Steve Sawochka

Dr. Sawochka currently is President of NWT Corporation. He has been involved with consulting and R&D projects in the fields of water chemistry, water treatment, corrosion, and radwaste processing in BWR and PWR systems for over 50 years. He previously was Manager of Water Chemistry Development for General Electric's BWR Systems Department. Dr. Sawochka has authored numerous publications in the referenced areas and has been an active member of EPRI committees that have developed guidelines for BWR and PWR chemistry control. E-mail Dr. Sawochka at

Jerry Palino

Dr. Palino has been a Principal Consultant with NWT since 1979. From 1974 to 1979, he was associated with General Electric's Nuclear Energy Division. Prior to joining GE, Dr. Palino taught chemistry, radio-chemistry and engineering courses at San Jose State University, at Harvey Mudd College and at the Federal University of Rio de Janiero. Since joining NWT, Dr. Palino's responsibilities have included technical management of PWR primary and secondary system chemistry studies and BWR radiation level assessment and control programs. He also has developed and presented training courses for BWR and PWR chemistry staffs and has worked in the areas of radwaste treatment, volume reduction, tracer calibration of flowmeters, condensate demineralization and quantification of moisture carryover from PWR steam generators. E-mail Dr. Palino at

Hank Helmholz

Mr. Helmholz began his nuclear industry career in 1951 at Hanford. He subsequently joined the Case Institute of Technology where he organized the radiochemistry program and taught courses in nuclear chemistry. After several years at KAPL and at NRTS at Idaho Falls, where he supervised the S5G chemistry laboratory, he joined GE-Vallecitos and assumed responsibility for design and performance of chemical test programs at operating BWRs. Since joining NWT in 1981, he has had responsibility for numerous projects in the chemistry and radiochemistry areas including development of radioanalytical procedures, laboratory reviews, training course development and presentation, and assessments of solid waste radioassay techniques, radwaste dose rate to curie conversions, ventilation monitoring, and fuel failure modes. Contact Mr. Helmholz at

Mike Miller

Mr. Miller joined NWT in 1981. Currently, he is supervisor of the NWT laboratory and is responsible for application and development of advanced analytical procedures to support NWT and client needs. His emphasis has been on methods development for analysis of low concentration impurities in power station waters including adaptation of graphite furnace atomic absorption and ion chromatography techniques. His accomplishments in related areas include development of a radiotracer based resin leakage procedure and modification of commercial TOC instrumentation for in-line plant applications. Mr. Miller is responsible for NWT's in-house laboratory QA/QC program and its BWR and PWR Q-CHEM programs which provide samples of unknown concentration for plant chemist analysis to assist utilities in demonstrating conformance to 10CFR50. Over 50 plants currently are participating in this program in partial satisfaction of 10CFR50 requirements. Mr. Miller also provides customized training at utility sites on low level impurity analyses in nuclear systems employing primarily ion chromatography and atomic absorption techniques. Contact Mr. Miller at